How It Works

Laminar Flow uses spinning discs to gently and efficiently move the air in a 360° flow. When air enters the Discs of the Exhale Fan, Air moves in an outward direction to all areas of the room providing fresh, healthy and stable temperature.

The 360° Vortex Airflow Created by the Exhale Fans ensures that the rooms air remains in constant recirculation and stabilized temperature. Once Air leaves the spinning discs of the Exhale Fan air travels throughout the entire room to then be continuously recirculated. The Exhale Fan Vortex recirculates all the air every 25 seconds.

Thermal Destratification is the mixing of all temperature variances within every room. Complete Destratified air offers a greater level of thermal comfort and control in both sum-mer and winter in non-conditioned spaces and improves the efficiency of air-conditioning and heating systems. read more...

Save Money with Complete Thermal Destratification. Room temperature variances create cooling and heating loss through ceilings, cold spots on floors and differing temperatures be-tween walls. This exposure to non-stabilization in temperature leads to discomfort for the building’s occupants and increased HVAC running costs due to attempts to counteract this discomfort. Start saving money while staying cool and comfortable

Reduce your impact through Thermal destratification. Thermal destratification as one of the top three carbon reduction initiatives for buildings and homes.