The Carbon Trust (UK) rates “thermal destratification as one of the top three carbon reduction initiatives for buildings.” The list of Global homes and businesses that have identified energy and carbon savings via destratifying or equalizing temperatures is growing.

Thermal Destratification is the mixing of all temperature variances within every room. These temperature variances create cooling and heating loss through ceilings, cold spots on floors and differing temperatures between walls. This exposure to non-stabilization in temperature leads to discomfort for the building’s occupants and increased HVAC running costs due to attempts to counteract this discomfort.

The energy efficient solution to this problem is via destratification using the Exhale Bladeless Fan. In Air-conditioned buildings, the air-conditioning or cooling and heating equipment is over working to compen-sate for the cold air sitting on the floor or the hot air sitting near the ceiling. If this waisted conditioned air is used in a room or building then significant energy savings can be made.

Thermal destratification from the Exhale Fans is suitable for both hot and cold climates. Complete Destratified air offers a greater level of thermal comfort and control in both summer and winter in non-conditioned spaces and improves the efficiency of air-conditioning and heating systems. We have all experienced sitting in an room and feeling very cold even though the heating is on. This is because all the hot air is rising up to the ceiling and sitting up there where it is of no value. In winter, the hot air rises up to ceiling level increasing the temperature near the ceiling.

The biggest user of energy in air-conditioning systems is the compressor. The key to energy efficient thermal destratification is moving air non-turbulently in 360° direction using very low amounts of energy to reduce the work load on the compressor. Most fans are designed to move air in one direction only and with massive air turbulence.

The way the Exhale Bladeless Fan moves air in its smooth 360° pattern means that the Compressors in the air-conditioning system do not have to work as hard. In addition, the gentle airflow of the Exhale Fans in any space means that cooling is achieved, which enables Air conditioning settings to be raised, reducing the energy load on the HVAC units and the environment. Reducing loads on your HVAC system allows the units to extend their lifecycle and reduce maintenance or expensive HVAC replacements saving time and money.