Why Go Bladeless


Energy Efficient : Never Again worry about Paying High Prices on your Electricity Bill because of your HVAC system. Exhale Fans is a solution that pays for itself within the first 24 months. Reduce the load on our HVAC system by 38%. smooth Spinning discs reduces load on motor reducing energy consumption compared to pitched/angled discs.

Vortex AirFlow : The vortex airflow profile generated by the Exhale fan is unmatched in the ceiling fan industry. Exhale Fans utilizes a Patented 360° Laminar Airflow Vortex generating an unmatched level of comfort never seen before in the ceiling fan industry. Air is not simply directed straight down, but air moves around the room in a 360° horizontal flow. This cyclonic airflow multiplies as the Exhale runs, mixing all the air in the room. The Vortex airflow stabilizes the temperature reducing stress on your air conditioning or heating system. Fewer cycles on your HVAC system results in lower heating and cooling bills. Whether its Blades or Foils, the Exhale Fans Vortex AirFlow provides a superior uninterrupted and effi-cient flow of air that is un-matched form any traditional ceiling fan.

Disks vs. Blades/Foils : is the mixing of all temperature variances within every room. Complete Destratified air offers a greater level of thermal comfort and control in both sum-mer and winter in non-conditioned spaces and improves the efficiency of air-conditioning and heating systems.

Improve your health :

  • Lower the unhealthy areas of your home
  • 100% controllability over your environment
  • Reduce Mold Growth with 100% air movement
  • Make external air quality devices work at 100% efficiency
  • Get the benefits of Fresh outside air Inside

Silent Operation : Sleep with silent perfection with the Exhale Fan’s 40db max noise level. Bladed Ceiling fan noise levels can be as high as 65db or more. Sleep with perfection

Save Money : Reduce the cost of comfort by up to 38%. The key to energy efficient air movement is moving air non-turbulently in 360° direction using very low amounts of energy.This helps to reduce the work load on the heating and cooling systems allowing for Increased life and lower maintenance required.